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NEW Product Launch! Olive oil soap bar

© Photographs LAI copyright

We are so excited to introduce to you our new line of product:

LAI Olive Oil Soap Bars FACE & BODY!

The reason we started making our own soap was because we were so fed up with all the chemicals, sulphates, parabens, fragrances, to mention few of the many toxic chemicals found in the shampoos and body washes on the supermarket shelf.

We noticed that most shampoos have chemicals in them which reduce your sebum -your body's natural oil- which keeps your skin moisturized and protected. In the long run, the decrease of sebum is the result of hair loss in both men and women as we strip our head of its natural oils and pH.

Another thing that really frustrated us was the unconscious amount of waste we produce by using plastic and non-recyclable packaging. Thus we decided to go for minimal and plastic-free packaging.

For those reasons, after many sample patches, failed attempts, tests and hours studying the chemistry of soap making we found a formula that fits our goals. We use all certified organic ingredients and make sure they are responsibly sourced.

LAI olive oil soap bar

Our first patch is with notes of sandalwood, rose-otto and salvia. Every soap bar contains at least 88% LAI olive oil, the rest being coconut oil, among other healthy fat nutrients and divine smells.

Few of the ingredients we use in our bar soaps:

As loyal subscribers, we would like to thank you for supporting us in this journey by sending you a free olive oil soap bar!

LAI Olive Oil Soap Bar

© Photograph LAI copyright

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