LAI's harvest: From the tree to your plate

Last week, we collected our olives and went straight to the olive press!

Our day began at around 07:00 AM and we finished at around 21:00 PM. A beautiful sunny autumn day of very hard work.

We start off by laying spider nets above ground and use mechanical means as you see in the picture below so that the olives end up in special boxes undamaged and clean.

Once we have collected all our olives, we drive them to the oil press of Dimitris Sinanos. His oil press is found in Peloponnese, about an hour and half away from our grove.

It is very important for the oil press to happen within max 6 hours of collection. If more time passes the olives release oxidised oil enzymes and then it is too late.

How does the olive press work?

Dimitris and his team clean the oil press machine prior to our arrival so our oil does not get mixed with the previous oil producers.

Then the olives from the boxes are put in a larger box (see video below) , which goes into the machine you see below.