Best Practices for Olive Oil Production in Greece

Disclaimer: The following text and images are Copyright of Olive Oil Times. This article is written by Costas Vasilopoulos. We wanted to share this article in our platform for educational purposes and awareness on right practices of Olive Oil Production in Greece.

In the publishing annals of the Greek olive oil sector, Vasilios Frantzolas’s new book is probably the first to thoroughly present the complete steps to achieve quality in olive oil production from the field to bottle.

Modern Olive Oil Growing Techniques and Quality Olive Oil Production is Frantzolas’s third book in the field of olive oil making, filled with useful information for olive tree growers, producers, millers and bottlers.

We need to apply new practices in order to become more rational at fertilizing, watering and pruning the olive trees, and to optimize the processing of olives.- Vasilios Frantzola, author

“In this book, I present the most recent knowledge and the most modern techniques of harvesting and processing olives, based on my research and work as a tutor in seminars for over 18 years,” Frantzolas told Olive Oil Times.

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An expert olive oil taster and quality consultant, Frantzolas inherited his love for olive and olive oil along with the family olive groves in the Peloponnese. His father and mentor, Tasos, introduced him to the world of quality olive oil, being the first in Greece to package extr