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Organic Cultivation

Organic cultivation is something we take seriously. In all those years no kind of pesticide nor chemical compound has been utilized. The farm has been certified fully organic by DIO . Although we did start with practically zero knowledge our passion always led us to seek and this is how we came across Vasilis Frantzolas who not only inflamed our passion, but led us to a path of learning with top experts from O.N.A.O.O in Italy and Spain.

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DIO Greek Organic Certification
Olive Tree Pruning 

Pruning the olive trees is a procedure we take great pleasure doing. 


We disinfect our cutting tools with disinfectant liquid prior to cutting each individual tree to avoid infection.

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Collection & Olive Oil Press

We collect our olives in three separate varieties in September/October depending on the season by  using spider nets above ground and mechanical means so that the olives end up in special boxes undamaged and clean. 

The oil press happens within max 6 hours of collection in a specially prepared oil press just for our production with temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius and malaxation times around 30 minutes depending on the variety. The olive oil is immediately filtered and bottled with a proven shelf life of at least three years. We have noticed that the aroma develops even starker and more complex as time goes by.

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